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We design and collaborate with our clients to create sustainable, modern architecture that respects the land and enhances our community. Land+Shelter provides an integration of architecture, sustainable design, owner’s representation, planning services, and community outreach – since 2005.


Design is site specific. There is meaning in every site, and that is where we start in planning or architectural work. Features like light, wind, views, neighbors, topography, culture, patterns of use, the codes and the history of a place – provide rich soil for design, and that is the joy of our practice. We seek to harmonize the built environment with the environment at large and, in so doing, practice sustainable design.


Our team offers modern design services with a thoughtful integration of our clients’ unique needs and goals. We believe that an honest respect for owner and contractor makes the process enjoyable and the design results excellent. Our commitment to teamwork results in architecture one can truly love.


Remote Studio

Land+Shelter has always allowed for remote work, but since March 2020, it's been happening at a different scale. At first I thought the architecture studio would be lost without pin-up walls and shared office space. But it’s actually been working well, and it’s been eye opening. It got me thinking about an essential HR challenge that we’ve faced over the years: finding local talent. Could remote employees be the answer?   I’m drawing the conclusion that folks need to be creative when hiring in this rural, expensive valley. So I made an adjustment to my mindset and recently published an [...]

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