Summer Camp for Campers with Autism

Ascendigo Ranch is a proposal for an educational facility designed for people on the Autism spectrum. This 126+ acre rural property provides educational, administrative, dining, sleeping & equestrian facilities for students & educators.

From summer camp to single day classes, the ranch was designed to provide a wide array of services for individuals and families.

The site design clusters buildings and preserves the historically irrigated fields. All decisions were carefully viewed through the lens of designing for individuals with Autism, and we were thrilled to research and learn alongside our clients in this endeavor. Thank you to the passionate staff and board of Ascendigo Autism Services!

The architecture was developed in harmony with the physical characteristics of the landscape. Building materials were selected to represent the natural palette of the site. Sages, wheats, and rust tones of the area are reflected in the exterior palette of the ranch, which likewise nods to historic barn forms. All buildings were sited respecting the natural terrain so that cut and fill were balanced. The roofs were designed and sized to allow for an all-electric, net-positive operation.

At present Ascendigo Autism Services is reviewing alternate site options for this important facility that serves families both locally and nationally. Our hearts are with them in this endeavor.